The Pros and Cons of Gas and Electric Stoves, and Mostly Pros of Another Cooktop

Do you have a certain style of cooking? Are you presently looking for a new cooktop? Before jumping at the first one you see, you need to examine the types of cooktops which are available. Keep in mind, each type has their advantages and disadvantages. There used to be only two choices of cooktops available. The only options were electric or gas. Now, there is another option around. Before that option is discussed, lets talk about electric and gas cooktops.

Cooks would rather use gas cooktops instead of electric. The main reason for that is, the heat can be controlled much easier. Gas stoves are also much more inexpensive and environmentally friendly than electric stoves. The colour selection is huge, and comes in different finishes such as glass, stainless steel, enamel and aluminum. One disadvantage of gas cooktops is that they are less energy efficient than electric stoves. It takes a lot of energy to use gas cooktops and they can be energy wasters.

Cooks who would rather save on energy would be more inclined to use an electric cooktop. Keep in mind, electric stoves are not overly environmentally friendly. Heat from the electric stoves are in constant contact with saucepans and pots. Because more times than not, electricity coming from an electric stove is not from renewable energies. This wasted heat will seep into the atmosphere and add to greenhouse gases. Electric cooktops are a good choice for cooks who want to use low temperatures for cooking. However, electric stoves are more costly than gas cooktops because they are manufactured with material that is more costly such as halogen, semi-halogen, and radiant coil. However, choices of electric cooktops are varying more and more and the newer type, induction is becoming popular.

Induction cooktops come from the electric stove group. However, it is different enough from the traditional electric cooktop that it is considered as a new type of stove. Induction cooktops do not use any kind of electrical resistance to create heat. This kind of cooktop produces heat by using magnetic fields. The element which is the induction coils create heat in the steel cookware whenever a magnetic field is made. Induction cooktops cook your meals quicker than gas and electric cooktops. You can control the heat on induction cooktops just as easily as gas. As an added benefit, induction cooktops are safe compared to gas or electric stoves. If the pot on the cooktop is dry or incompatible material wise, the cooktop simply will not heat up. A dry pot on a gas or electric stove can easily catch on fire. With induction cooktops, the odds of that happening are much lower.

In order to find the right cooktop for your cooking style, be sure to speak to a reputable consultant who can help you like the folks at Maytag.